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2021 Year in Review

Growth. That was the "word of the year" I chose for myself at the start of 2021 and grow I did, both personally and professionally. Coming out of 2020 having started a new job at the onset of a pandemic, I was ready to transition from "holding the line" to doing what I do best - expand capacity for greater reach and social impact. Through 2 parts hard work and vision and 2 parts luck, Rural Health Association of Tennessee secured two small grants to pilot an apprenticeship program and a large, two-year contract to address health disparities in rural and underserved populations. We started the year as a staff of 1 (me) and ended the year with a staff of 8.

My personal and professional word for 2022 is "consistency." With quick growth and new staff comes chaos, but we are being intentional about laying a solid foundation that will help us do our work now and to build upon these short-term successes later. As a team we will focus on getting our processes, policies, and programs operating efficiently. Personally, I aim to be hyper focused on my team, board, and communicating regularly with external audiences. This, in my opinion, will be key to sustainability.

There is more in the works than I can share in short newsletters, quarterly board meetings, or the occasional lunch meeting. At the same time, people in my network have noticed I have been quieter on social in years past (I've been busy!). This space will be a place to add a little more depth and context to the work I'm doing along with some personal updates and commentary. This blog does not officially represent any organization I work or volunteer with.

Rural Health Association members have also expressed a desire to "know more." For members, we are launching "Rural Talks with Jacy" every 4th Friday as an extra opportunity to receive updates, provide feedback, and ask questions. (see for details).

Thank you for joining me in this journey - Happy New Year!

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